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Another Shout Out: On Stage at National Postal Forum

I was at the National Postal Forum in Nashville, couple of thousand attendees. The keynote was given by Megan Brennan and Jim Cochrane

Megan is the first woman Postmaster General and earned her master’s degree at MIT. Jim is the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of USPS, and former CIO of USPS. Their keynote was primarily focused on data and connecting digital with mail, right out of our songbook.



At one point, Jim discussed what he called ‘digitally reactive direct mail,“ and displayed our logo wide and high on the main screen (see picture below), describing what we invented and that we coined the term Programmatic Direct Mail®.

It was the third time in our first few months since we launched that we have received such attention on a main stage, all three from people I had not met yet (I later got to meet Jim when I joined him at his table at an awards luncheon). It is an amazing testament to our team, product and vision!

I also gave a presentation on the history of programatic and the ironic parallel that direct mail evolution has to the digital, and where it possibly/probably goes from here. I will be posting a version of it and blogging more frequently in concert with our upcoming announcements.

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