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Why Digital Attribution is an Unsolvable Problem

I recently posted this article on MarketingLand, Why Digital Attribution Is An Unsolvable Problem, to address a big challenge in the marketplace. In my years of working with ad tech start ups, they were all convinced that their theirs was the best solution out there. The off-cited Lumascapes that show marketing technology and services brands trying to prove incremental value to the marketer point out that it is really hard to stand out in the crowd, and even harder to point to what you delivered. ... Read on.

Lewis Live!

I was interviewed by ad tech publication The Makegood last week. Here is my best (or at least, my latest) rendition of the PebblePost story. ... Read on.

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Direct Mail - A Disruptive Marketing Tool

Lewis just published an article in Total Retail on the power of Direct Mail as a marketing tool. ... Read on.


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Lewis GershChairman and Founder at PebblePost, former VC in adtech, long-time endurance athlete, happy dad to “The Heathens.”

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