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Now Live: "Startup! The Musical"

I’m excited to announce my new venture, PebblePost, and my new blog, “Start-Up! The Musical.” First, a little prologue on the blog. Read this post to learn more about PebblePost.

This blog, “StartUp! The Musical,” will be a story based on some real-life tech industry melodrama. While the names will be changed to protect the whining and moans of the innocent, I’ll sometimes call out individuals on their perceived brilliance or misbehavior overtly. You can guess who is who.

Start-ups and musicals are so ridiculously similar they’re practically made for each other. They’re both a “hits” driven business with ego-charged characters whose very stage makes them think they are larger than life. You have to pick winners from a pitch, fund a dream, and as a leader you must practice child psychology with the cast aboard a rollercoaster of unknown climbs, dips, and curls.

In this saga, the entrepreneur is the protagonist, the VC is the anti-hero, and there’s always a large supporting cast of advisors, attorneys, employees and maybe a love interest or two, backed by a loud and opinionated chorus of tech, media and trade press. Of course, there’s comic relief from the proverbial friends, family, and fools. Everybody is a star alongside the birth of a company - enjoy the show!

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