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Stop the World — I Want to Get Off

“The only thing worse than a company that’s accustomed to failure is a company that is failing and unaccustomed to admitting it.” ... Read on.

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Digital Myopia and Geo-Targeting

One of the fun things about being an early-bird digital media entrepreneur and seed-stage venture fund founder is that I have gotten to enjoy a lot of [r]evolutionary moments. Often it’s like the famous scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, when the Neanderthal throws the bone in the air and in the blink of an eye it becomes a spaceship. But sometimes, it’s like a crew member on that ship forgot basic terrestrial skills. ... Read on.

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Is Digital About to Have its Curtain Call?

I just posted my most recent column in Marketing Land, looking at trajectory for one of the biggest shows in town - digital marketing. True, when you add up all of digital marketing it is big enough to eclipse the size of the TV advertising business in the US. But that growth is going to be challenged by ad blockers, response rates, and challenges on fraud and viewability. ... Read on.

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Funding is for the Cast and Crew

I am very excited to share that PebblePost received a $5M investment led by Greycroft. But I’m most excited about something other than the money. ... Read on.

Another Shout Out: On Stage at National Postal Forum

I was at the National Postal Forum in Nashville, couple of thousand attendees. The keynote was given by Megan Brennan and Jim Cochrane ... Read on.

They're Singing From Our Songbook

When you get a tune stuck in your head, it’s usually because it was either catchy or meaningful to you. I usually write about my business opinions here, but this time I want to share a couple of moments that really struck a chord with me. ... Read on.

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Programmatic Invasion

A consumer engages an eCommerce site, searches and browses, unaware that a legion of display ads lay bivouacked just beyond the horizon under cover of algorithms, data, and cookies. Brands take great care to curate the story on their sites in order to enhance the user experience, and they know they have the chance to continue the dialog with their audience based on what data provides them. Yet they forget that marketing is an art, and they too often bring a tuba to a violin recital. Programmatic is a term that came from music, and believe it or not, I find it especially relevant today. ... Read on.

Odd Man Out, Newly Enlightened

Let me set a scene for you based on a recurring situation I’ve encountered more in the past three months than in all the 20 years prior. It is one that is unfamiliar, unnerving, uncomfortable, but most of all, enlightening. ... Read on.

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Why Digital Attribution is an Unsolvable Problem

I recently posted this article on MarketingLand, Why Digital Attribution Is An Unsolvable Problem, to address a big challenge in the marketplace. In my years of working with ad tech start ups, they were all convinced that their theirs was the best solution out there. The off-cited Lumascapes that show marketing technology and services brands trying to prove incremental value to the marketer point out that it is really hard to stand out in the crowd, and even harder to point to what you delivered. ... Read on.

Lewis Live!

I was interviewed by ad tech publication The Makegood last week. Here is my best (or at least, my latest) rendition of the PebblePost story. ... Read on.

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